Trekking FAQs

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked trekking queries. The results shown below provide useful information to travellers who are considering visiting the Mont Blanc region.

Q. What are self guided ‘Alpine Walks’?

Self guided ‘Alpine Walks’, are for people who want to follow a journey without a guide, but without the stress of planning the journey and finding accommodation on route. We supply you with route cards and maps for each day of your journey, information about what you are likely to see on route, provide details of how to find each nights accommodation and take the stress out of planning, allowing you to focus on enjoying the walk.

Q. Are there any age restrictions?

The simple answer is no. But, if you’re under the age of 18, you’ll need to be booked on a trip with an appropriate adult.

Q. How do I get to the start point of my ‘Alpine Walks’?

When you book an ‘Alpine Walk’, we are happy to offer advice on which airport or train station you’ll need to arrive at. We will offer choices on the cheapest and/or easiest method of travelling in country to the start of your trek. We provide the same service for your onward journey at the end of your trip. This information is sent out at the beginning of the season in which you are trekking, in order to ensure it is current.’

Q. I am travelling alone. Can I book a self guided holiday?

Alpine Walks do not encourage anyone to undertake journeys in the Alps alone. We would strongly recommend that you find a friend to travel with or join one of our guided group walks.

Q. How secure is my money when I book with ‘Alpine Walks’

Alpine Walks are required to comply with the ‘Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations1992’. We hold insurance, through Campbell Irvine Insurance, which fully protects your money from initial deposit to the balance of all monies paid to us. This includes repatriation if required, arising from cancellation or curtailment of your travel arrangements due to the insolvency of ‘Alpine Walks’. A copy of our Terms and Conditions and Insurance Policy details are available on our website and are sent to customers when you book an ‘Alpine Walk’

Q. Do ‘Alpine Walks’ organise private group treks?

Yes! Alpine Walks specialise in private group treks and discuss the physical ability of your group and standards of accommodation you would like, prior to booking. We can also arrange baggage transfers if you would like to lighten the load!

Q. I’m a vegetarian / have a special diet. Can ‘Alpine Walks’ cater for this?

Yes. Vegetarian meals are always available. Please tell us when booking and we will ensure that all of the accommodation venues on your ‘Alpine Walks’ are informed. If you are on a guided trip, the guide will remind staff at each accommodation venue on arrival. If you are on a self guided journey, we will supply notes for you to present at each accommodation, in the local language, so that staff are reminded of your dietary needs.

Q. How should I prepare for my trip?

To get the maximum enjoyment out of your ‘Alpine Walks’ you should be in good shape and accustomed to walking the distances described in your trip notes. Alpine Walks are typically 7-14 days long so you will require stamina. To get the most out of your trip you should be able to walk up to 20 kilometres, in mountain terrain, with a day pack containing the items in the kit list, sent to you on booking. If you don’t feel fatigued the day after doing this, you are probably ready! Don’t forget, an ‘Alpine Walks’ kit list also includes information about selecting good kit to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

Q. Do I need Travel Insurance on an ‘Alpine Walk’?

Accidents in the mountain are very rare, but you should ensure that your holiday travel insurance policy includes mountain rescue, hospital treatment and repatriation. If you are on a guide led ‘Alpine Walk’, it is a legal requirement. For example, helicopter evacuation in most European alpine countries is around 4,500 euros (this is just the taxi off the mountain and does not include any hospital treatment).

Q. How fit do you need to be to undertake an ‘Alpine Walks’ holiday?

You will be expected to walk for up to 20 kilometres (12 miles) carrying a pack (weighing up to 8kg or 16 lbs), ascending 1000 metres a day. And repeat this process for up to 11 days.

Sound daunting? Don’t be put off. Both our guided and self guided trips are based on a walking pace of 3 kilometres per hour. That’s not a fast pace, but it is a comfortable pace that allows you time to take in the scenery and enjoy each day. Extra time is built into each days itinerary, for hill climbing, ensuring that you can maintain the 3 kilometres per hour average.

This should be easily achievable for anyone who undertakes regular cardiovascular exercise for 30 – 40 minutes, 3 times a week.

However, you’re likely to find this trek even easier if you are the sort of person who walks everywhere or goes hillwalking at the weekends.

If you don’t do any of these things then we strongly suggest that you take up some form of exercise a minimum of 3 months before your trek. Go out with a walking club, join a gym, or do something outdoors with friends or get a personal trainer. It doesn’t matter if you don’t live near the mountains, regular cardiovascular exercise will increase core strength and most importantly build stamina. Because thats what all these journeys are about. Stamina to keep going for the whole journey, comfortably.

When you book with ‘Alpine Walks’ you’ll receive advice on walking techniques to make the journey more comfortable, from what to look for in good supportive footwear to the correct techniques for using trekking poles.

If you want to discuss this in more detail before booking, then please feel free to get in touch and arrange a Skype chat.