mont blanc evening view

Reflections on Tour du Mont Blanc

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The above shot was taken during an evening looking at Mont Blanc, taken from the top of the tree line, just below the Rifugio Bonatti.

It was a lovely evening, strolling up to the hut. When I arrived everyone was inside having dinner, but the staff recognised me and found time to make me a cappuccino, Lily and Ernie, the Border Collies had some ‘smacho’s’, courtesy of me. We then settled down to wait for the Moon as last Thursday was a full moon. Sadly there was too much cloud.

mont blanc sign

We made our way down in the dark at about 10 pm. No sooner had we entered the forest there was the sound of twigs snapping and some movement in the foliage, Wild Boar – ‘Cinghiale’, in Italian, can be a threat. But we were lucky on this occasion and although we saw nothing it was more likely a fox or Roe deer.

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Mark Narusson
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